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I need to pull combinations of 2 columns from two different tables from the same database.

ex:table1 has columns

Org_Id     Org_Name 
1001       company1   
1002       company2

table2 has columns

Country_Id       Country_Name 
1                        USA  
2                        uk
3                        australia
4                        canada 

after creating combinations ,i need to create table 3 which hold the values of combinations...

table3 should have columns

org_name     Country_Name 
company1      usa
company2      uk   
company2      usa
company1      canada

Note: Using joint we can display what ever we have in columns ,, but i need combinations of both the columns.... please help me this.....expecting your response asap....Thanks you all...

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is there no connection between these two tables. –  pratik garg Jul 4 '12 at 6:37

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It's hard to tell from that how the 'combined' table should detect data, but normally that is done using views. Look into that.

Just noticed that in the manual there is actually an example that does pretty much what you described.

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Right, you need a key to join the tables –  dano Jul 4 '12 at 6:39

as described in example these two tables are not connected each other..

then you can directly take join without any joint condition ..

     select Org_Name , Country_Name 
       from table1, table2

but as per practice this approach is not correct.. you should join tables with connected tables to show valuable result..

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After you have figured how you want to join the tables, you could use INSERT ...SELECT

INSERT into table3(orgname,countryname) SELECT orgname,countryname from table1,table2;
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