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I would like to know how to connect http url for download xml file from site using c++ metro style app.

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You can use IXMLHTTPRequest2:

// First create the interface objects required for this operation 
// as well as the callback that indicates request completion. 
// The dwStatus variable is also defined, and is later set with a 
// value indicating request completion.
DWORD dwStatus = 0;
ComPtr<IXMLHTTPRequest2> spXHR;
ComPtr<CXMLHttpRequest2Callback> spMyXhrCallback;
ComPtr<IXMLHTTPRequest2Callback> spXhrCallback;

// Create an object of the IID_IXMLHTTPRequest2 class.

// Create and initialize IXMLHTTPRequest2Callback


// Prepare the GET request and send it to the server.
spXHR->Open(L"GET",       // Method.
   pcwszUrl,              // Url.
   spXhrCallback.Get(),   // Callback.
   NULL,                  // Username.
   NULL,                  // Password.
   NULL,                  // Proxy username.
   NULL);                 // Proxy password.

spXHR->Send(NULL, 0);

// Wait for the completion of the request.
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