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I recently ran into a pretty unexpected (to me) behavior of JPA (provided by EclipseLink).

Consider the following code:

public int myFunction() {
    entityManager.getTransaction().begin(); // Application-managed EntityManager

    MyEntity entity = new MyEntity();

    entity = entityManager.find(MyEntity.class, 1);

    if (entity == null) {
        return 0;


    return 1;

The function WILL return 0 which means that I can not find a persisted entity before the transaction is closed.

Questions. Is there any workarounds to be able to find not yet committed but persisted entities? If not, should I do some kind of caching on my own?

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You can use EntityManager.flush() operation.

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Exactly what I needed. – SkyDan Jul 4 '12 at 7:59

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