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I'm having trouble with Chrome on the iPad/iPhone with what I thought was a simple enough task and works on Chrome Desktop (Mac & PC) and Safari on iPad/iPhone.

I have the following jquery on my page:

$("#login-login-button").click(function () { var username = $("#Username").val(); var password = $("#Password").val();


    $.post("/login", { username: username, password: password }, function (data, response) {
        if (response == "success") {
            if (data.IsValid) {
                window.location.href = "/profile";
            else {
        else {
            alert("An error occurred, please try again.");

And the Controller Action is code looks like this:

public JsonResult Index(string username, string password)
        AjaxResponseModel ajaxResponseModel = new AjaxResponseModel();

        User user = UserDAL.Select(username, Hash.MD5(password));

        if (user != null)
            if (!user.IsVerified.Value)
                ajaxResponseModel.AddErrorMessage("Account not verified.");
            else if (!user.IsActive.Value)
                ajaxResponseModel.AddErrorMessage("Your account is not active.");
                FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(username, false);
            ajaxResponseModel.AddErrorMessage("Login details incorrect.");

        return Json(ajaxResponseModel);

I've tried setting the Auth Cookie via a non-ajax request but it's not working either.

And I've discovered that on the iPad/iPhone if I use the "Request Desktop Site" in the Chrome menu the problem disappears however there is no concept of mobile/desktop on my site at this point i.e. what Chrome gets the first time should be the Desktop site...

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I've since discovered that this is a bug in .Net and is supposed to be fixed in version 4.5 however the solution from @Froyke is still a quick and easy work-around. – Rob Feb 12 '13 at 5:14
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Was already ansewerd here: Problem with Asp.Net Forms Authentication when using iPhone UIWebView

I used the default config which is more reasonable given current browsers distribution.

  <browser refID="Default"> 
      <capability name="cookies" value="true" /> 
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Thanks @Froyke that's perfect! – Rob Jul 16 '12 at 7:21

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