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How to write formula in html page? For example I need to write square root of x power 2 minus y. I know only one way, LaTex. But I need easier way. I'm writing quiz testing system. Students should write answer, that contains formula. How could I do this?

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Check out MathJax, which is used on

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Combined with AsciiMath Input it seems to cover pretty much everything -> –  KillerX Jul 4 '12 at 8:45

The only two answers I know of for that are using images:

...or using HTML math notation for that (although it is not that simple to use)

You also have this alternative, but it seems rather experimental...

Still, I hope it helps...

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This is a utility to write math (using LaTeX syntax) in HTML, but you also need to have LaTeX installed on your machine to generate the images of the formulas.

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If you do not need to render the answer, just make it is correct, then the best way to go is probably to allow them to use something like sqrt(), ^ for power, etc.. I find this is the easiest way of writing if the input is for a machine.

You could just provide a small list of allowed functions with examples. The bonus here would be that you can probably look around for a lib and use it to evaluate the answer.

So your example would be written like: sqrt(x^2)-y

Of course this can get very messy if you need to write complex equations but for the level you presented it should work fine.

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