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I would like to use diff to compare two directories for differing files, using the -q option for brief output. However, the output is cluttered with a lot of files that only exist in one directory, but not the other. Can I force diff (or use another tool) to only show files that differ AND exist in both directories?

The current command I use is

diff -q <dir1> <dir2>

Any ideas are appreciated.

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It prints a bunch of lines like

Only in dir1/blah: blah

right? So just throw them away with grep.

LC_ALL=C diff ... | grep -v '^Only in'

The LC_ALL=C is to make sure that the standard "Only in" message will be printed, not any translation.

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Easiest way I found is to use:

diff -N -q <dir1> <dir2>
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I tried that, but the -N option just changes "Only in" to "Files differ". It doesn't actually eliminate the "Only in" lines. – wisbucky Jun 3 '15 at 7:27

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