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I am designing a web database in access 2010. I am able to create parent child relationships when I put a sub form in a form.

However the experience is bad if I have 4 levels of relationships because the nested forms look bad.

So I want to use a single form and implement cascading relationship between combo boxes

Here is what I have done.

  1. created a blank form
  2. Added combo box and bound it to the list of countries
  3. Added second combo box in the same form
  4. went into OnUpdate event of the first combo box
  5. I was hoping that there would be an action which will allow me to write a query for the second combo box like select state from [States] where country = [Combo1].SelectedValue

So each time I would select something in parent combo, the event would fire an a new query result would be bound to the child combo

but I cannot find a way to do the above.

Again. this is a "web database" and I don't want to nest form because the UI is very confusing if you nest 4 forms.

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