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Hi I'm trying to work on some search functionality for a webpage I'm working on at the moment and i need a search box that will auto-complete but only return - towns/cities, Country, Airports and resorts. i though i could use Google maps and just remove the map as the search box on works pretty much how i want it to but i cannot find any documentation of how to replicate that in my page everything iv found deals with the actual map (that i don't actually want), any input would be welcome. thanks in advance

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I would recomend using Yahoo's YQL service to populate your autocomplete instead. It can return json so its perfect for jquery.

Example in Yahoos YQL console to retreive results if someone starts typing PER So you would plug this url into your autocomplete function:

var url = "" + THE_INPUT_TEXT + "*%22%20limit%2010&format=json";

Then capture all the results as autocomplete options

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