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I'm currently developing an admin dashboard using Sinatra, and I'm finding for one route in particular, my stylesheets and javascripts aren't working.

The route is '/users/:id/?'

For some reason, when I hit that page, the browser is looking for http::localhost:9393/users/css/my_stylesheet.css instead of public/css/my_stylesheet.css and so-on. Why is this happening with this route? The layout file (containing the stylesheet and script links) is that same for this route as it is for any other.

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do you have :static and :public set? –  Shaun Hare Jul 4 '12 at 9:08
:static and :public are set by default if you have a 'public' folder in your root directory, which I have. As I said, I don't have this problem with any of my other routes. –  Richard Stokes Jul 4 '12 at 9:10
Can you give some examples of the other routes, and the code you use to reference the assets in the layout? –  matt Jul 10 '12 at 19:43

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Never mind. Went on the #sinatra IRC channel and asked. My problem was how I was referencing the links in my haml views. I need to use the url helper #{url ('/path/to/asset.css')} in my code instead of hard-coding the links in.

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