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I'm trying to create a dump using windbg every time a specific clr exception is THROWN.

I know about !soe, but I don't want the execution to stop, I just want it to create a dump.

Is this possible?

If it's not possible using windbg, I'm also open to other recommendations on how to achieve this...

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Try procdump. Maybe use the option "-e 1" to capture a dump on first-chance exceptions.


For specific exceptions, you may need ADPlus. See this post for example.

More edits:

Also possible without ADPlus: In Windbg -> Debug -> Event Filters, set CLR exception to ignored - not handled. Click the Commands button and then enter the following (with your particular exception type of course):

!soe  System.ArgumentNullException 1;.if(@$t1==0) {g} .else {.dump /ma /u d:\ANE.dmp}
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Thanks, I might have not made myself clear - when I said 'exception of some sort' I meant a specific exception, and not when any exception is thrown. I don't think that's possible with procdump –  Roy Reznik Jul 4 '12 at 9:23
@RoyReznik ADPlus may be what you need. Please follow the link in my edited answer. –  lonewolf Jul 4 '12 at 9:30
ADPlus worked, but newer version require a little different syntax than the post you referenced to. I suggest whoever wants to use it should go to codeproject.com/Articles/315536/… –  Roy Reznik Jul 4 '12 at 12:11

In WinDbg, 'Debug > Event Filters', find the specifc exception you want to execute a command for or add a numbered exception.

Then click 'Commands' and enter:

.dump /ma c:\mydump.dmp

in the command box, you can even enter a second command for second chance exception handling and this will write a full mini-dump when the exception event is triggered.

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