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I have been introduced with the term css hooks but I am not much clear about that. Could you give me some idea.

  • what is CSS hooks ?
  • what are the common hooks?
  • what are the best practices to use css hooks?

Any kind of example and relevant links are highly appreciable.

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Could you elaborate?

CSS Hooks are generally considered to be classes or ID's placed in the HTML to allow a backend or server side language to interact with these client side 'hooks'

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I am not clear thats why I asked ? :) As far I know hooks are common css classes,ids that can be used in various scenarios. Say you have a promo in your site. Then if you have some predefined css hooks you just add the class name in the html elements and you will get the style. I want to provide such few common css hooks for my customers. –  MAK Ripon Jul 4 '12 at 9:28
What you are describing is just fundamental CSS. Setting styles on a class/id and applying this to a html element will give it that style. I think classing this as a hook is using the wrong terminology and will only confuse things. If you were setting these classes/id's for the benefit of being able to target a specific area of your markup with say jQuery, then it would be more appropriate to use the term hook –  Rhyso Jul 4 '12 at 9:39

What is CSS Hooks?

CSS Hooks is a simple mechanism, which defines a way for your element to retrieve its styles from a third source.

What are the common hooks?

There are not any. Variation lies in your imagination.

What are the best practices to use CSS Hooks?

Look into JQuery.cssHooks.

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