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I'm trying to figure out what this formula does, I've read what sumproduct does but what does styear, stmonth, etc do?

=SUMPRODUCT(--(styear=Data!AA$14),--(stmonth=Data!AA$12),--(starea='MTD Sales - Sales Teams'!C9),sthl)+SUMPRODUCT(--(stdyear2=Data!AA$14),--(stdmonth2=Data!AA$12),--(stdarea=C9),stdhl)
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styear, stmonth etc. are not functions, they are presumably named ranges referering to (normally, columns of) data

In Excel 2007 or later go to "Formulas" tab and then click on "Name Manager" - that will list any named ranges and the data to which they refer.

The formula adds together 2 SUMPRODUCT functions, each one sums a range of data based on 3 ranges meeting the specified criteria, if you do have Excel 2007 it would probably be more efficient to do that with SUMIFS

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