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In my Composite WPF application I have an event that is published when the user double-clicks on a control. Modules subscribe to the event and perform an action when necessary.

This event seems to stop working at random. Sometimes when I run the application I can trigger the event with no problems, other times I can only trigger it a few times before the modules stop receiving the event.

When I look in the debugger the CAL EventAggregator still has the event, but the event has no subscriptions. How can EventAggregator be losing subscriptions?

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Turns out it was the garbage collector removing the subscriptions. I'll have to read up on the internals, but when I replaced



    SomeFunction, ThreadOption.UIThread, true);

it started working. The UI thread parameters wasn't my problem, but for others it may be important to ensure you're handling the event on the right thread too.

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The EventAggregator uses weak references ( unless you explicitly tell it not to. – M. Dudley Jul 15 '09 at 19:07

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