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I am not able to connect mysql DB from a windows sytem through the workbench. But it's possible via phpMyAdmin.

I tried both standard TCP/IP and Standard TCP/IP over SSH.

Are the password and usernames the same?

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It's hard to say without knowing where your DB is hosted. But it could just be that your host's firewall is closed to outside traffic on the MySql port...? –  McGarnagle Jul 4 '12 at 19:50

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Yes, the usernames and passwords should be the same. I think it would be good if you try to connect to your local MySQL server using the MySQL CLI client in your Windows terminal and see what's going on. If you can connect with it then you should be able to connect with Workbench.

Here's a link in the MySQL Documentation that describes common errors related to your issues.

BTW, you should check if you have a recent Workbench version (5.2.40 is the latest release at the time of writting).

Please report back how it goes.

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When setting up the database it should ask you or there should be a setting where you need to allow outside/remote login. Once that is checked or not the setup will not allow you to change it later. At least I think.

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