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when we want to pass sth to database like int we use(%d) like below

...string.format("select * from Table where code=%d",100)...

what should i use instead of %d when we want to pass dateTime ?

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Where do you even find string.format in .NET? Especially with C format strings? –  Joey Jul 4 '12 at 10:37

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dont use string.format() for db parameter substitution, you end up in SQL injection. SqlCommand has Parameters property , you can add the parameters into the collection

use parameterized query like this:

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand()

more efficient if you use the Using block with your code.

like this

using(SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("ConnString"))
using(SqlCommand cmd =  new SqlCommand(con))
   // do some stuffs. like add parameters. 
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In addition to @Ravi's answer.

You should avoid concatenating your SQL queries like that, because it will allow for SQL injection.

In your case, I would consider using an ORM (Entity Framework, NHibernate, Dapper), but if you just want to use the SqlCommand, your query would look somewhat like this:

using(var connection = new SqlConnection("your connectionstring goes here"))
    using(var command = new SqlCommand("select* from Table where code=@dateTime", 
        command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dateTime", DateTime.Now);

        var reader = command.ExecuteReader();

Here's an example from wikipedia that shows the problem with concatenating the sql statement:

statement = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = '" + userName + "';"

What happens if userName contains just a '?

The final SQL statement will then look like this:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = '''

Which is incorrect and will thrown an error. By exposing this, you can do Very harmfull things to your data!

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