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I'm trying to test a component that uses a third party library which makes use of getopt to retrieve command line arguments.

Is there any way I can get this working within PHPunit?

I've tried inserting this prior to the component call:

$args = explode( ' ', 'scriptName -q staging_to_xxx -w 250 -c 500' );
$_SERVER['argv'] = $args;

But that doesn't work.

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You can use a php.ini setting, register_argc_argv=false to allow you to set the argv and argc globals. It appears that getopt uses the global variables, meaning that this approach will work.


If you've called that script 'argv_test.php', then first run as normal:

$ php  argv_test.php -a777 -b
array (
  'a' => '777',
  'b' => false,

Then run by overriding the ini setting:

$ php -d register_argc_argv=false argv_test.php
array (
  'a' => '999',
  'b' => false,
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