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What i hope to do: save the best link for my google query, so that next time i search for that query i can find that link directly.

To be specific, consider one use-case of google:

  1. Google a query "ascii special characters"
  2. found lots results
  3. browse and find one best link to my need
  4. save the link for this query
  5. So that next time i can be directly brought to that link when i search for that query.

I know that you can use google search history to store all your search queries, but it does not allow you to save a specific link or customize the search results to your own flavor.

Some ideas?

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bookmark the link. next time when you type on the address bar this will come first. :P –  mithunsatheesh Jul 4 '12 at 10:35
It's hard to grasp what you are trying to do here. What technology are you using to achieve this? Please try to rephrase your question. –  jurgemaister Jul 4 '12 at 10:35

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