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I have a project in Eclipse which I built using Maven and it has hundreds of JARs as reference libraries. Is there a way to include all these reference libraries to another project?

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Since the original project involved Maven dependencies, there are two ways of doing this.

- Maven

To accomplish this in Maven style refer to this question. How to add "Maven Managed Dependencies" library in build path eclipse?

- Adding a project as dependency

The more simpler way of doing this (for beginners and testers), is to just include the original project as a dependency to the new project.

  • In your original project, travel to Properties > Java Build Path > Order and Export. Select all the dependencies that you want for your new project.
  • In your new project, travel to Properties > Java Build Path > Projects. Now add the original project.
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+1 Great quick solution for a testing project! –  Alexis Leclerc Mar 27 at 14:08

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