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I have the following in my routes.rb

resources :webcasts do

   resource :slide_deck do
      get 'wizard', :on => :collection
      resources :slides


[ Note that slide_deck is a singular resource ]

Running $rake routes gets me the following route related to slide_deck#wizard:

wizard_webcast_slide_deck GET    /webcasts/:webcast_id/slide_deck/wizard(.:format)          slide_decks#wizard

I can hit the url: /webcasts/:webcast_id/slide_deck/wizard without issues.

My problem is that the url helper; wizard_webcast_slide_deck, doesn't resolve to this url.

It resolves to: /webcasts/:webcast_id/slide_decks/wizard [ Note the plural of slide_decks ]

Obviously I can get round this by using a hardcoded url instead of the url helper, but what is causing this and how can I fix it?

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