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As the title says and I'm not sure why. The only thing happening is a hypnotaod.pid file appearing in the working directory. No running process, nothing listening on the defined port. Also - everything works fine with morbo.

EDIT: I've straced the startup, http://pastebin.com/YWUSeMuu

EDIT2: After looking through the strace output above it seems that hypnotad appends another ".pl" to the script file. I've change the file name to myapp, rinse, repeat http://pastebin.com/NVK2rhu4

Any ideas much appreaciated.

[root@fedora16 Mojo]# ./myapp.pl version
  Perl        (v5.14.2, linux)
  Mojolicious (3.02, Rainbow)

  EV              (4.11)
  IO::Socket::IP  (0.16)
  IO::Socket::SSL (1.76)

This version is up to date, have fun!

[root@fedora16 Mojo]# hypnotoad -t myapp.pl
Everything looks good!

[root@fedora16 Mojo]# hypnotoad  myapp.pl
Starting hot deployment for Hypnotoad server 29432.

Code by now is simply the tutorial testcode

use Mojolicious::Lite;

app->config(hypnotoad => {listen => ['http://*:3000']});
get '/' => {text => 'ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!'};
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Have you tried 'curl localhost:3000' ? The hypnotoad appears as 'perl' in an ps. fx. 'ps -ejH | grep perl' –  Phluks Jul 30 '13 at 11:38

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I was having trouble with this as well. It was only when I happened to read the hypnotoad doc page closer that I saw it said "which listens on port 8080." Sure enough, opening in my browser loaded my app.

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I met the similar issue, with --foreground, I managed to find the a lot of warning about permission denied with user 'nobody', after change the user parameter, the issue was fixed.

So many things can make hypnotoad fail, try to check port, file, user, group permissions etc.

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The first thing to do is try a different port (eg 3001) in case it's hitting a problem with 3000. Then try invoking it with MOJO_LOG_LEVEL=debug ... to see if it gives any more info. Ensure you have a writeable directory called 'log' and check it for output.

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Port change = no effect. Log level debug with writeable 'log' dir, but no output. Again, running morbo with debug gives output. –  moodywoody Jul 4 '12 at 11:16
Can you try running it in foreground --foreground and see if that gives anything. –  niczero Jul 4 '12 at 11:30
Unfortunately not either; the best I have now is in the second strace output- see my edits in OP. –  moodywoody Jul 4 '12 at 11:34
There's something very wrong with your environment; I'm pretty sure it's not down to Mojolicious. I'm also using v3.02 on linux trying to reproduce your symptoms. I can't reproduce the bizarreness with adding '.pl' and I can't reproduce the absence of log file nor the absence of commandline messages. What happens when you run all the tests from the Mojolicious CPAN release? I mean against your currently installed files, not via cpan(m). –  niczero Jul 4 '12 at 12:09
Mojolicious is blessed with many unit tests, possibly more tests than code (which is how it should be). So I'm suggesting you run everything under the t directory using your installed files. (If you do it via cpanm it'll test the files before they're deployed, which is not what I'm suggesting.) –  niczero Jul 4 '12 at 12:28

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