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I am supposed to find a class and apply a logic for that. My code structure is as follows.

<div class="class">




    <ul class="ul_class">

        <input ....><a ...><span ..></span>
        <a href="#" title="View History" class="hstry">
        <span class="hide">&nbsp;</span></a>




How to find the class hstry inside the ul with the class named ul_class.

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Just use a normal CSS selector to find nested classes like the following:

$( 'ul.ul_class .hstry' )

Note the whitespace between both classes. Without it, it would match an element having both classes, instead of an element with class hstry which is below some <ul> element with class ul_class.

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Say for ex. I have 3 ul's with same class, how can I locate my fist ul and access its .hstry class – Abdul Jul 4 '12 at 11:10
@Abdul In that case you would just append .first() to only target the first matching element. See – Sirko Jul 4 '12 at 11:18

If you want the content, try

var hstry = $('body').find('.hstry').html();

Then you can operate with this variable any way you want.

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Using jquery: $("ul.ul_class").find(".hstr");

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$('ul.ul_class .hstry').html(); //for html content
$('ul.ul_class .hstry').text(); //for text data
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