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I am doing a REALBasic project. I want to make code run after the window has loaded automatically.

If I put the code in the Open event handler, the code runs when the window opens, but the window doesn't appear until the code has finished executing.

So I would like to have the Window open and be on the screen, and then the code run automatically without having to click anything.

Is this possible?


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Place your code in a Timer with its Mode set to ModeSingle and a short Period (say 10 milliseconds). The Timer will fire once the GUI finishes loading.

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Or you can put your code in a thread and start the thread in the Window.Open event. That way if the code takes a while your entire application doesn't 'freeze' on you.

More info on threads in Real Studio at http://docs.realsoftware.com/index.php/Thread

One word of caution though with Threads. Directly updating GUI controls can be a bad thing - especially with Cocoa built applications.

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