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With an expression that returns an Either[Fail, TupleX], how do I fold over the result without having to define local vals in the success block?

// returns Either[Fail, Tuple2[String, String]]
val result = for{
  model <- bindForm(form).right
  key   <- dao.storeKey(model.email, model.password)
} yield (model.email, key)

result fold (
  tuple2 => { // want to define email/key on this line
    val(email,key) = tuple2
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Like this

result fold (Conflict(_), { case (email, key) => ... })
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+1 exactly what I was looking for, thanks –  virtualeyes Jul 4 '12 at 11:34

Here is a minimal working example:

case class Conflict(s: String)

def foo(result: Either[Conflict, Tuple2[String, String]]) = {
    c => println("left: " + c.toString),
    { case (email, key) => println("right: %s, %s".format(email, key))}

foo(Left(Conflict("Hi")))     // left: Conflict(Hi)
foo(Right(("email", "key")))  // right: email, key
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+1 for the "case(email, key) =>", already got the rest ;-) –  virtualeyes Jul 4 '12 at 11:34

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