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I have a dll in vc++ and the corresponding header file(.h file),Now I have to call this dll in c#. And I do not have any idea about calling conventions.

In header file there is a function prototype like:

typedef void CBOnStop_VC( int nFGHandle, unsigned int nChannel, void* pClientData );

Now I want to call this function in c#.

Any Idea?

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P/Invoke is the canonical way. And you ought to have some ideas about the calling conventions. – Vlad Jul 4 '12 at 11:56
This answer help you : C++ DLL call from C# – lsalamon Jul 4 '12 at 12:52

you can use theses steps

1. compile your classe with the /clr switch

#include "NativeType.h"

public ref class ManagedType
     NativeType*   NativePtr; 

     ManagedType() : NativePtr(new NativeType()) {}
     ~ManagedType() { delete NativePtr; }

     void ManagedMethod()
      { NativePtr->NativeMethod(); } 

2.Add a reference to your ManagedType assembly

ManagedType mt = new ManagedType();
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