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I have a Qt application running on a windows XP machine and i am trying to finally disable the context menu which pops up when right clicking on a scroll bar (with the "scroll down" and "page up" etc. .. ) inside this application.

I tried the following things, which didn't work:


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Are you sure you are trying to disable horizontal (not vertical) scroll bar context menu? horizontalScrollBar()->setContextMenuPolicy(Qt::NoContextMenu); works fine for me. –  hank Jul 4 '12 at 15:01
hi hank, than you for the comment - in fact i am trying to disable them for all scrollbars (the horizontal one is just an example). I just found out that you are correct - it works for all 'standard' scrollbars - but i use one which is created inside a scrollarea (or at a side of a tableview) whith the flag Qt::ScrollBarAsNeeded on. The Scrollbar inside this seem to ignore the ContextMenuPolicy, even if I grab them an explicitly set it with the given code .. –  TWE Jul 5 '12 at 9:16

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I never found out why it didn't really worked in my context (it seems it has to do with nested widgets and objects) but I found a solution which is something like a sledge-hammer method but works for me:

foreach(QObject *widget, qApp->allWidgets())
    QScrollBar *scrollBar = dynamic_cast<QScrollBar*>(widget);

This disables context menus of scrollbars (or other objects if modified) in the whole application once at startup.

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