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When I am using Json.net or telerik grid and pass complex object to my controller action I have a strange delay for 600 milliseconds. Here is my code:

[Authorize, GridAction(EnableCustomBinding = true)]
public ActionResult AjaxItemsLoad(GridCommand command)
            var model = new GridModel();

            model.Data = null;
            model.Total = 0;

            return View("Index", model);

For test I change complex object with simple types (few strings or int32) and delay disappeared and response come for 70 milliseconds.

Then I disable default JsonValueProviderFactory but delay still same.

The question: what or who can cause such big delay for post request?

Thanks a lot

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hm.. it's very interesting. did u find how to solve it? –  user571874 Jul 10 '12 at 10:48

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From what I can tell you may have 2 issues. First one is that I see you are using CustomBinding, have a look at the custom binding code that you are using, there could be an issue there. Secondly, do you have any sort of validation on your model, i.e. the object being passed to your controller action? – Nikron 28 mins ago

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