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The only one I know of is called "e" which is used for test bench design in hardware design and verification but I want something for general purpose programming.

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Aspect oriented programming isn't so much a defining feature of a language, it's a paradigm that can be applied to many existing programming languages. You'd be hard-pressed to find a specific language that's aspect oriented in nature, though one could exist that makes adding cross-cutting concerns easy out of the box. Starting with Wikipedia's entry on Aspect-oriented programming should point you to several implementations specifically for C++.

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If you know e, then try VCS, which supports aspect-oriented extensions to SystemVerilog.


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Probably Aspect C++ (not that I ever tried it)

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Although there's a few limitations - C# can be used for AOP.

You might want to look at c-sharpcorner and developerfusion.

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