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I am trying to convert a multipage PDF File to images by using PHP Image magic extension.The problem is that instead of getting images corresponding to each page of the file, I am getting the last page of pdf as the output image. Here is the code:

$handle = fopen($imagePath, "w");
$img1 = new Imagick();

$img1->readImage(path to pdf file);


What am I doing wrong?The convert command on commandline with the same parameters works.

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Try something like this instead: $images = new Imagick("test.pdf"); foreach($images as $i=>$image) { $image->writeImage("page".$i.".jpg"); } – Martin Wilson Jul 4 '12 at 16:10
@Martin Wilson: You should upgrade your comment into a proper answer... – Kurt Pfeifle Jul 6 '12 at 17:56

Try something like this instead:

$images = new Imagick("test.pdf"); 
foreach($images as $i=>$image) {
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This doesn't work for me, I'm getting a 'Can not process empty Imagick object' exception. – Ray May 16 at 14:47

Try writeImages function. It creates each page as one image and it gives file names for multiple images like this: yourimagename, yourimagename-1, yourimagename-2.... It increases automatically from 0 to your numberofpagesinPdf-1.

The code looks like this:

$imagick = new Imagick($file_handle);
$imagick->writeImages($yourImagename.'.jpg', false);
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Try something like this if you know number of pages of your pdf:

$images = new Imagick(); 

foreach ($pages as $p){

    $im->readImage($PdfFile."[".$p."]");    //yourfile.pdf[0], yourfile.pdf[1], ...

    $im->setImageFormat( "jpg" );
    $image_out = "image_".$p.".jpg";


If you dont know number of pages, you could do something like this:

$images = new Imagick();
$pages = (int)$im->getNumberImages();
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