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Here the scenario. The user writes in the text area. After x amount of chars the user has to insert some special formated text. For this the users moves focus to another textbox where he types in a describing text. He then pressed the button, and the describing text with special format is inserted to the last selection (either saved from last keyup or onclick) in the textarea. My code works fine in all browsers but IE9.


<input type="textarea" onkeyup="saveSelection();" onclick="saveSelection();" ID="SMStext" />
<input type="input" ID="CustomWord" />
<input id="InsertCustom" type="button" runat="server" text="Insert" onclick="insertTextCustom(document.getElementById('SMStext'), $('#CustomWord').val());" />

On keyup on the area the selection is saved with this function:

            var savedRange, isInFocus;
            function saveSelection() {
                if (window.getSelection)//non IE Browsers
                    alert('non ie save');
                    savedRange = window.getSelection().getRangeAt(0);
                else if (document.selection)//IE
                    alert('ie save');
                    savedRange = document.selection.createRange();

When I run tests in my restoreSelection() function in IE9, the variable savedRange is null. Meaning window.getSelection().getRangeAt(0) doesnt work. savedRange is also null in FF, but somehow firefox remembers last selection. So dont worry about that. Just in case you wanna see the rest of the code, here it is:

function restoreSelection() {
                        isInFocus = true;
                        if (savedRange != null) {
                            if (window.getSelection)//non IE and there is already a selection
                                var s = window.getSelection();
                                if (s.rangeCount > 0)
                                alert('restore non ie selection');
                                if (document.createRange)//non IE and no selection
                                    alert('restore non ie no selection');
                                    if (document.selection)//IE
                                        alert('restore ie no selection');
                        else {
                            alert('savedRange == null');


                    function insertTextCustom(el, content) {
                        //Custom format
                       var c = 'Someprefixformat' + content + 'somemoreformat';
                        if (document.selection) { //IE
                            var sel = savedRange;
                            sel.text = c;
                            alert('ie insert');
                        //Non IE
                        else if (el.selectionStart || el.selectionStart == '0') {
                            var startPos = el.selectionStart;
                            var endPos = el.selectionEnd;
                            el.value = el.value.substring(0, startPos) + c + el.value.substring(endPos, el.value.length);
                            alert('none ie insert');
                        else {
                            el.value += c;
                            alert('else insert');

What am I doing wrong here?

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window.getSelection() is for selections within regular HTML content, not within text inputs/textareas. For those, use the selectionStart and selectionEnd properties of the input/textarea and fall back to the TextRange stuff in IE < 9. –  Tim Down Jul 5 '12 at 9:03
@Tim alright. But how would you integrate it into my functions? Ive tried a couple of things, but still cant get it to work in IE9 –  Kasper Skov Jul 6 '12 at 13:10

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