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So I have a Many to One to One to Many relationship between two entities A and B. To get all entities B that match with one specific A. C is the class that makes the link between A and B.

$bs = $this->getDoctrine()

So this part is probably working, but when I execute it it makes this error :

Class My\Bundle\Entity\My\Bundle\Entity\D does not exist

So D is a class that is in a One to Many relationship with B. It is only natural that it's called when the repository gets a list of B.

But why does it duplicate the path of the entity?

Note : I have searched for the calls of class D, but the path is never duplicated anywhere in my code.

Edit :

After spending a while trying to see what paths were at the origin of the problem, I finally came a cross a really minor (but important) difference between Doctrine annotation paths, which are basically :


and the path that is called for the class in the php itself, especially in getters and setters :


That backslash has been holding me for a long time here, but now everything works again. Problem solved.

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What's your Entity files look like? – Dave M Jul 4 '12 at 15:44

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