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class Bars{
  int startX, grWidth, gStartY;

  Bars(int startX, int gStartY1, int grWidth){
    graphStartX = startX; // X- Coordinate of where graph begins
    gWidth = grWidth; // Width of graph
    gStartY= gStartY1; // Bottom Y Coordinate of graph

  void drawBars(int d, color c){
    int start = d;
    for (d; d<graphStopX; d+=5){

  void display(){
    if (time >= RedT(0)){
    if (time >= BlueT(0)){
      drawBars(graphStartX-1 + gWidth/5,blue);
    if (time >= GreenT(0)){
      drawBars(graphStartX-2 + 2*gWidth/5,green);
    if (time >= OrangeT(0)){
      drawBars(graphStartX-3 + 3*gWidth/5,orange);
    if (time >= PurpleT(0)){
      drawBars(graphStartX-4 + 4*gWidth/5,purple);

  float computeHeight(int x){return 2.0/x;} 

The global functions RedT(0), BlueT(0), GreenT(0), etc, return an integer number corresponding to when the first Red,Blue,Green,etc Node (I am making an animation involving a directed graph and a few other things) is going to enter.

edit------------------ I do not know what ForInit is, It is not a function I defined.

Solution: change for (d; d<graphStopX; d+=5)to for (; d<graphStopX; d+=5) Reason is because d alone is not a statement.

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can you try to isolate the issue in a sample easy to run ? You're code is a bit of a mess (I'm not talking about compressing lines) - many variables/functions don't belong to the Bars class, computeHeight shouldn't return void, etc. If you have only the code you posted, can you do anything with it ? If not, how can you expect others to do so ? Also, about compressing lines, don't worry about it. ALL you're Processing sketch code gets compressed in single .java file, so it doesn't actually make any difference. Readable code is always preferable (easy to read/understand/debug) over compact code – George Profenza Jul 4 '12 at 13:43
There's no ForInit in your code. Knowing what it is and how it is used would be kind of helpful. – eran Jul 4 '12 at 13:43
Hi, I just updated my post, maybe it is clearer now?! – Nonconformist Jul 4 '12 at 13:55
Bump Bump Bump Bump :< – Nonconformist Jul 4 '12 at 14:36
@MarcoSalazar welcome to SO; 1)Posting a comment only notifies someone if you use the @name notation, 2) comments do not bump a post like on a forum, 3) if you have a solution, post it as an answer, that way people finding this will know it works! – Pureferret Sep 28 '12 at 10:42

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