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I export a database using mysqldump in the sql.gz format using a python script. How can I import that sql.gz file using this python script?

I wrote code which works for .sql or .txt files.

import MySQLdb

filename = self.ui.txtFileLocationImport.text()

# Open database connection
db = MySQLdb.connect(dbHostName, dbUser, dbPassword, databaseName)

# prepare a cursor object using cursor() method
cursor = db.cursor()

#Prepare SQL query to INSERT a record into the database.
f = open(filename , 'r')
    cursor.execute('SET foreign_key_checks = 0')
    for sql in f:
        if sql == '\n' or sql[0] == '/':
            # Execute the SQL command

    #Commit your changes in the database
    cursor.execute('SET foreign_key_checks = 1')
except Exception as e:
   print e
   # Rollback in case there is any error

#close file
# disconnect from server

This only works for .txt and .sql file. How can I make this read a sql.gz file?

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With the contents of the gzip module.

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it works thanks – pravin4659 Jul 5 '12 at 9:48

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