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I'm trying to summarize data from several Google spreadsheet' sheets in a single one but I have some issues with SUMIF and FIND. To Sum data from another sheet I have to use this (at least that's the only solution I've found)


Where I have the name of my sheet on A6.This makes everything easy because I have a column (A) with all the names of the sheets. I haven't found something like Sheets[1] in Google Docs.

My next step was to Sum Times from a specific column but remove a specific values, which in this case is 1 that get transformed internally 24:00:00 since it's a time column:

=SUM(INDIRECT(""&A6&""&"!D2:D")) - SUMIF(INDIRECT(""&A6&""&"!D2:D");"24:00:00")

Here I tried to do everything with a single SUMIF but I have no idea how. NOT("24:00:00") didn't work so I settled to this. The last part is the most difficult and I'm not able to solve it. I have a column with month names (for example) and I want to sum some data only when the month name contains "er". Here is what I thought:


This gives me always 0 (Note that the last one contains A6:A16 instead of the whole INDIRECT part because I am still testing it in a single sheet.) Any Idea what I'm doing wrong?

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I believe that this question is relevant for you: – Guy Jul 4 '12 at 17:54
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I don't know why the above SUMIF doesn't work, what I've tested and works is:


SUMIF is NOT SUM + IF as I thought. I hope it will help someone else.

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