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How can I get the RichEditableText control to display the text in pages. Just like in Microsoft Word, it should have visual pagebreaks which are determined by a page-size setting so that, I can switch to A4, US Letter size, etc and the text will flow into vertical rectangles (pages) accordingly.

enter image description here

I sense I should use the Text Layout Framework, TextFlow actually. But what is the starting point and what should I focus on, in order to get this paper layout.

Any help is appreciated.

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You can't do it with the default RichEditableText component, but here's a little snippet that should get you started:

<s:VGroup gap="20">
    <mx:UIComponent id="page1" width="50" height="50" />
    <mx:UIComponent id="page2" width="50" height="50" />

Replace the sizes with your A4 or other sizes. If you want the number of pages to be dynamic, you'll have to use a DataGroup instead.

Now we create one TextFlow object, we assign it one ContainerController per page, and we have it lay out the text over our pages:

var tlf:TextFlow = TextFlowUtil.importFromString(
    "Some very long text that spans many pages goes in here."
for each (var page:Sprite in [page1, page2]) {
    var c:ContainerController = new ContainerController(
        page, page.width, page.height
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I think I'll go with a similar approach. Thanks. – Onur Yıldırım Jul 4 '12 at 20:39

If you will master Text Layout Framework, you will be able to do even something like this .

Here you have many samples of using TLF, it includes pagination. This is the best starting point I think.

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The pagination example is not what I'm looking for but thanks for pointing out the library. It helped a lot. – Onur Yıldırım Jul 4 '12 at 20:39

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