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This is the html i am using

	<td id="2" class="editable">data1</td>
	<td id="2" class="editable">data2</td>
	<td>Usage Left</td>
    <!-- Multiple rows with different ids -->

and this is my javascript



	function Update(){
		var id = $(this).parent('td').attr('id');
		var title = $(this).text();

        type: 'post',
        url: 'update.php',
        data: 'title=' + title + '&id=' + id,

        success: function(response) {             


I want to get the value of the ids of class editable, this is a inline edit plugin i am using i am able to collect the data1 and data2 values but for id i am getting undefined.

What is wrong with my code.

Thank You.

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Shouldn't it be just $(this).attr('id')?

You are attaching the event to td. So this inside the event handler refers to the td itself.

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Thanks a lot, with copying and pasting i didn't even noticed it. – Shishant Jul 15 '09 at 18:54
Or just – James Jul 15 '09 at 19:07

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