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I want access to the file system to get a list of the photos on the device so as to be able to display them in my app.

I don't see a method in the API providing that information. Is there a way of getting at it?

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We don't have an API method to list all the photos taken via your app, but you do have options for how to do that yourself.

Firstly, when doing forge.file.getImage, you can save the file objects for later use - in forge.prefs, for example, which does have a list keys method.

Or, if the photos are saved to the gallery, you could use the source: "gallery" argument to getImage, which would let the user browser through the available photos and select one.

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thanks, yes, i think i'll have to do the second option there. What i'm really after though is getting at photos on the device without user interaction. - would like to create a replacement for photo gallery. –  francpaul Jul 5 '12 at 19:39

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