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I am trying to execute a stored procedure on an Oracle 10g server, which returns its results in an output parameter, from a SQL Server 2008 query.

The Oracle stored procedure declaration looks like this:


How would I call this stored procedure from MS SQL Server 2008, using either OpenQuery or any method of querying Oracle, and be able to see the result set stored in 'RESULT'?

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I'm thinking there may be a way to do this with OPENROWSET for SQL server, but I'm not sure about oracle.. There is this blog post which may provide direction for you. –  N West Jul 4 '12 at 16:14

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I did that from SQL SERVER to SQL SERVER and it's work well. Maybe in Oracle you will need some chages.

here is my code in sql server

--drop proc proc_test_test create proc proc_test_test (

@a int, @b int output

) as begin

set @b = @a*6+4


select *

from openrowset('type','server name';'user';'pass',

'declare @answer int ;

exec db.dbo.proc_test_test @a = 1, @b = @answer output;

select @answer as a' )

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