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I have a Nagios check that is giving me a string with the space used by each mount on a server (the result of df -h). The string looks like:

  /mnt/srv1: 22%used(1129MB/5191MB) /mnt/srv2: 59%used(1344MB/1713MB) /mnt/srv3: 97%used(2409MB/2576MB) /var/backup: 95%used(5976MB/69802MB) /mnt/srv1/dir1: 22%used(119MB/519MB) /: 22%used(119MB/514MB) /mnt/serv1: 59%used(144MB/1710MB) /mnt/srv1/dir2: 88%used(3034MB/3420MB) (>97%) : CRITICAL

I want to match the whole string without let's say the following two parts: /var/backup: 95%used(5976MB/69802MB) and /mnt/serv1: 59%used(144MB/1710MB) and I want a general expression because the strings I want to exculde may change.

The general rule is that I have a path followed by the space specifications of that path. I am trying to learn the regular expressions but it seems that in this case everything I have tried doesn't work.

The check works like this:

   check_snmp_storage -H hostname -C comstring -m "this is the regular expression"

for example i have tried to

   check_snmp_storage -H hostname -C comstring -m "\/[a-zA-Z0-9:]+"

but it doesn't match what I want

OK I have managed something. The following check:

   check_snmp_storage -H hostname -C comstring -m "([\/a-zA-Z0-9]+:\s[\/a-zA-Z0-9\(%]*MB\)|\(>97%\) : CRITICAL)"

does its job and matches the things I'm interested in, but how can I exclude from those matches the ones I have mentioned earlier?

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What do you want as output? What have you tried? What problems are you having? What do you want to happen to the last piece of the string - (>97%) : CRITICAL? –  Dave Cross Jul 4 '12 at 15:37
As output i want to have this string :/mnt/srv1: 22%used(1129MB/5191MB) /mnt/srv2: 59%used(1344MB/1713MB) /mnt/srv3: 97%used(2409MB/2576MB) /mnt/srv1/dir1: 22%used(119MB/519MB) /: 22%used(119MB/514MB) /mnt/srv1/dir2: 88%used(3034MB/3420MB) (>97%) : CRITICAL and for the problems i have been having the main one is that i can't get this output string. –  primero Jul 4 '12 at 15:41

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