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Possible Duplicate:
Wordpress root directory

I need to write a file in the root directory on a wordpress installation. This need to be in the same place as the wp-config.php file.

But i need a way to call the root url.

Is there a wp_root_dir() like function

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On the server side (C:/www/wordpress) or on the web address side (www.example.com/wordpress/)? – Anish Gupta Jul 4 '12 at 16:03

Do you want root url or root dir?

Given that you're putting this file into the root of your wordpress I assume its not a plugin or something like that.

Here is how to get the root url

<?php echo get_bloginfo('url'); ?>

Otherwise if you want the path (to include() for instance) its perfectly reasonable to just do:

../../../file-in-root.php -> as many ../s as you need to go back directories

I do this all the time. If you think your directory structure may change a lot, you can just put the whole path to the file e.g.


If you're creating a plugin and you don't know the path to the file then obviously it would be different, but there are wordpress functions for that. However as you're using root I guess this is just for your own server/website configuration and this will be fine.

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If you mean on the client side (http://www.myreallyawesomewebsitethatuseseordpress.com/blog/wordpress/), you can use get_bloginfo('url'). This will return the url which wordpress is installed.

If you mean on the server side, you can use the ABSPATH variable.


Client side:

    echo "You are using this site. Wordpress is on" . get_bloginfo('url');

Server side:

    echo "On the server, Wordpress is installed on" . ABSPATH;
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