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Is anyone familiar with RFID codes here?

I have a EM4102 type tag here. My handheld reader says on it's display:

EM4102 tag, ID 04178649C1

The same tag, when read on a Gigatek/Promag PCR125 CF-card reader gives me the exact same code:


However, an ACG RF PC CF-card reader gives me the code


This reader is capable of reading different types of tags and also reports the correct type (EM4x02, length 5 bytes).

I have tried a few readers of the same model and they all give me the same code.

I guess that reader just reports the code in a different way. Perhaps I have to shift some bits around (wouldn't be the first time) or there are error correction bits still included in the code?

FYI, the reader is documented here. The section regarding this type of tags just states:

The EM4x02 label only provides a 5 bytes serial number. The label starts to send its response immediately after entering an energizing field. Each transponder has its own unique serial number, which cannot be changed.

Any clue what the reader is doing?

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I figured it out myself.

20E8619283 in binary is:

0010 0000   1110 1000   0110 0001   1001 0010   1000 0011

These are five bytes, two nibbles each. Mirroring the bit order of each byte (bit 0 becomes bit 7, bit 1 becomes 2 etc.) I get:

0000 0100   0001 0111   1000 0110   0100 1001   1100 0001

which in hexadecimal notation is 04178649C1, the correct code.

So apparently the reader is not interpreting/reporting the bits in the right order...

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