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function create_comment(){

 data = $('.comment_form form').serializeObject();   
 return false;}`

In HTML form I use {% csrf_token %} cookie. Django wants to use X-CSRFToken https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.2/ref/contrib/csrf/#ajax How can I implement it?

My ajax.py


def create_comment(request, content, post_id):
dajax = Dajax() /n dajax.alert('foobar') /n return dajax.json()

Dajaxice works correct but not at forms. The error is "Something goes wrong"

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dajaxice works fine for me whenever I set {% csrf_token %}. Try this instead:

data = $('#<form_id>').serializeObject();

please use firebug and see what error u r getting, 403 may mean csrf token issues while if u get 'Dajaxice Exception', it will be likely because of internal errors

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