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I'm creating a web site that have a frame on the bottom to let's say 10% of screen. I would like to put a logo on the left of that frame, all nice until now, but.

I hope you remember that frame is a percent of all screen, then I would like to resize logo image to fit the height of the frame no matter how big or small the screen is (and the frame is).

I just spent 4 hours searching and testing, without success :(

It is that possible ? How ?

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Add these styles.

   #yourframe{width:10%; height:20%;}//Your frame
   #yourimage{width:100%; height:100%;}//Your Image
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thanks for your interest, i did tried something that ... not working :(, image is at full size outside visible area, i can scroll down in frame to see it in full, but still at full size even if i disable scroll bars ... can you post an explicit piece of code that is working ? ... please – THESorcerer Jul 4 '12 at 18:48

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