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I'm trying to use the @@ action to retrieve the address of a page using the corresponding controller :


Well, I do get the correct address, however the base is always localhost:9000. I tried to add this line into my application.conf %my-dev-mode.application.baseUrl=http://<my_address>but nothing changer.

Does any one have a clue why is this happening ?

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In Play 1.2.4 (and I still believe it is true), Play got the base URL from the request header. For example, if you access your action using instead of http://localhost:9000/someroute you should get in the generated URL when using @@.

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So if my actual site is running on multiple servers (with the same url), I still get the same url no matter what server is the client linked to, right ? –  user1502150 Jul 5 '12 at 12:50
yes, exactly. the baseURL was added to the config because I raised a bug that absolute URLs failed in Jobs, because they were not linked to an HTTP request. So baseURL is only used when http header is not present. –  Codemwnci Jul 5 '12 at 15:51

Are you starting your application with --%my-dev-mode ? Does it work without the key?

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