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When trying to login to my app that was working perfectly in the past I can login and then I see The page you requested was not found in the auth dialog istead of redirect back to my activity. I know this is an issue with facebook but I was wondering if anyone found solution. enter image description here

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I had this problem last month for about 20 hours and then it was solved. To see if it's Facebook's problem go to your app dashboard on and try to edit the settings. if you're getting errors there you'll have to wait until it gets solved.

Facebook usually pushes updates on Tuesday/Wednesdays so it might be solved quickly.

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I add settings for App on Facebook and add url for our website and it worked fine after that. It's wrong thing to do but it worked for now – Amal Jul 5 '12 at 13:41
Thanks @Amal that's what worked for me as well. Really dumb. – Jason Axelson Sep 10 '12 at 8:52

I encountered the same issue. The resolution ended up being changing the second argument passed to the dialog(...) method to "feed" instead of "". Like so:

facebook.dialog(StoryActivity.this, "feed", params, new Facebook.DialogListener() {
    // Overridden methods
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