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That is what I get in browser console:

WS-PARSER: received {"eventPhase":2,"origin":"","bubbles":false,"defaultPrevented":false,"srcElement":{"binaryType":"blob","extensions":"","url":"ws://localhost:9000/map-socket/a@a.com","bufferedAmount":0,"readyState":1,"onerror":null,"onopen":null,"onclose":null,"protocol":"","URL":"ws://localhost:9000/map-socket/a@a.com"},"type":"message","returnValue":true,"target":{"binaryType":"blob","extensions":"","url":"ws://localhost:9000/map-socket/a@a.com","bufferedAmount":0,"readyState":1,"onerror":null,"onopen":null,"onclose":null,"protocol":"","URL":"ws://localhost:9000/map-socket/a@a.com"},"source":null,"cancelable":false,"currentTarget":{"binaryType":"blob","extensions":"","url":"ws://localhost:9000/map-socket/a@a.com","bufferedAmount":0,"readyState":1,"onerror":null,"onopen":null,"onclose":null,"protocol":"","URL":"ws://localhost:9000/map-socket/a@a.com"},"ports":[],"timeStamp":1341430631884,"lastEventId":"","cancelBubble":false,"data":"{\"stars\":[{\"x\":\"0.0\",\"y\":\"0.0\",\"own\":\"-1\",\"id\":\"0\",\"units\":\"0\"},{\"x\":\"0.0\",\"y\":\"0.0\",\"own\":\"-1\",\"id\":\"1\",\"units\":\"0\"},{\"x\":\"0.0\",\"y\":\"0.0\",\"own\":\"0\",\"id\":\"2\",\"units\":\"0\"}]}"}

I have 2 questions:

1) Why does the first part of the message (automatic) has that many header repetitions? Is this ok, should I leave it like that or can I somehow reduce the amount of the boilerplate?

2) Why are all the quotes in the second part of the message (my payload) escaped?

Here is the code that formulates the JSON:

val stars = strs.getAll.map(_.asJsValue).toSeq
        "stars" -> stars

the asJsValue method:

  def asJsValue = {
            "id" -> id.toString,
            "x" -> x.toString,
            "y" -> y.toString,
            "units" -> units.toString,
            "own" -> getOwnerID.toString

and on the client side:

websocket.onmessage = receivedEvent

receiveEvent = (event) ->
  console.log("WS-PARSER: received " + JSON.stringify(event))
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  1. Most of that data is added on the client-side, only the data value is sent over the wire
  2. JSON requires double quotes, that's why they are escaped

(disclaimer: not a play user)

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So the double quotes are escaped because they themselves are inside the string called data and the escape slashes are there because the string is outputed to the screen and really they are not there? I mean if I work with that data string as JSON, then everything will be fine or shall I get into trouble? –  noncom Jul 5 '12 at 5:17
How would you represent nested quotes without the slashes, or other escape char? :) They are added by the stringify call. If you print/log/use that string you'll see that they "disappear". JSON.parse(message.data) should work fine. –  Ricardo Tomasi Jul 6 '12 at 7:20

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