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I am working with an image uploader from the SITE in the title. This image uploader generates several forms with its respective iframe for inputs.

I am trying to eliminate this separate inputs and have only one input that will take multiple uploads(at least up to 4). I spoke with the author and only receive an answer of modifying the uploaderPreviewer.js and I get can what I want accomplished.

How can I modify the js file to have it generate one input that will take multiple file uploads(at least up to 4)?

If you like to take a full look at the js file: HERE

Construct Form

jQuery.uploaderPreviewer = new Object({
    formsCount: 1, // number of image forms to handle
    allowedImageTypes: new Array('png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif'),
    uploadImageAjaxUrl: 'php/uploadImage.php',
    removeImageAjaxUrl: 'php/removeImage.php',
    uploadsThumbDir: 'uploads/thumb/',
    messages: {
        imageLabel: 'Image',
        fileTypeError: 'The file is not an allowed type.',
        removeButtonCaption: 'remove',
        removeButtonTitle: 'Remove the image'

Public Function

jQuery.uploaderPreviewer.createImageForms = function(options) {

    $.extend(this, options);

    var forms = '';

    for(var i=1; i <= this.formsCount; i++) {
        forms += createImageForm(i);
    return configureImageForms($(forms));
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If you don't mind using another script, I would suggest this one. Been using it on other projects, only downside with it is has some minor incompatibility with previous IE version (drag-drop).
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Try ajaxSubmit feature from plugin. I have tried it and it's work fine for me in every browser I have tested (Ie7)

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Try using the HTML5 input[multiple] attribute.

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