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I am using TreeView control in WinForm.

I am trying to use the following code, but getting "NullReferenceException". I am following the syntax provided i.e. tree.Nodes[key].Nodes.Add(key,text)

I don't know whats wrong with the code.

Please have a look at the code i used -

tvTree.Nodes.Add("Subjects", "Subjects");
tvTree.Nodes["Subjects"].Nodes.Add("Physics", "Physics");

tvTree.Nodes["Physics"].Nodes.Add("PhysicsP1", "Paper1");
tvTree.Nodes["Physics"].Nodes.Add("PhysicsP2", "Paper2");
tvTree.Nodes["Physics"].Nodes.Add("PhysicsP3", "Paper3");

Thanks for sharing your time.

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Also you may achieve this with

        tvTree.Nodes.Add("Subjects", "Subjects");
        tvTree.Nodes["Subjects"].Nodes.Add("Physics", "Physics");

        var phyNode = tvTree.Nodes.Find("Physics", true).First();

        phyNode.Nodes.Add("PhysicsP1", "Paper1");
        phyNode.Nodes.Add("PhysicsP2", "Paper2");
        phyNode.Nodes.Add("PhysicsP3", "Paper3");
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Thanks Emre! I got idea from you and Austin. –  IrfanRaza Jul 4 '12 at 21:05

Your problem is that the "Physics" nodes are not direct children of tvTree but instead are children of the "Subjects" node. What should make this easier is that TreeNodeCollection.Add returns a TreeNode that you can reference later on.

var subjects = tvTree.Nodes.Add("Subjects", "Subjects");
var physics = subjects.Nodes.Add("Physics", "Physics");

physics.Nodes.Add("PhysicsP1", "Paper1");
physics.Nodes.Add("PhysicsP2", "Paper2");
physics.Nodes.Add("PhysicsP3", "Paper3");

If you only have the name, you can use Find:

var parentName = "from wherever";

var parentNodes = tvTree.Nodes.Find(parentName, true);

/* handle multiple results */
/* add children */
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Thanks Austin! The code is perfect if i know the child nodes. I am actually getting the nodes from database with their levels. –  IrfanRaza Jul 4 '12 at 20:56
OK, got it, let me try. –  IrfanRaza Jul 4 '12 at 21:02

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