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In development mode I would like to have assets served locally and when deployed in production I would like them served from the CDN. Anyone using play2 and serving content from CDN be willing to share how they are doing it?

// Thinking of something like this in the routes file...
@if(play.Play.isDev()) {
    GET     /assets/*file     "/public", file)
} else {
    GET     CDNPATH/assets/*file"CDNPATH", file)

(Note: using 2.0.2 because of the headers fix

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What I did was just simply edit the "hosts" file on my computer to point the CDN domain locally.

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Thanks for the help! That satisfies my immediate need and helped me to think out of the box a bit for an even better way to reach my end goal. –  Adam Lane Jul 6 '12 at 4:26
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For those searching to do something similar, I found this link where someone describes exactly how to serve content from cdn using play:

Here is another option, a function that I ended up using so that i could have my local system have application.cdn="" and on production it has the real value. Also allows version change to invalidate cache:


@(path: String)@Html((""""%s%s?v=%s"""").format(
play.api.Play.current.configuration.getString("application.version").get ))



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