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here is a jsfiddle:

the table looks like this:


this table contains over 100 products and each product is associated to a category. they dont have a sort_order value the field for each is null. My question is how do i pass the sort index? would i have jquery count every row and append a value to it into the hidden textbox? or how would it be done without having sort values colliding and always staying unique and in order.

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what do you mean by "sort index" ? – Dagon Jul 4 '12 at 23:30
i just meant the sort value – Sarmen B. Jul 5 '12 at 0:25

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Here's how I would do it :

  • load the table with a (hidden) field (for example a custom HTML attribute for the row) telling you the sort_index of the row, only if it isn't NULL
  • order the table before in PHP, knowing that you will probably treat the NULL sort_order rows after the set ones
  • on the drop event, access the rows before first :
    • get the highest non NULL row and set all those under (to your dropped one) to their respective order
    • now, if the following row isn't NULL increment the sort_order of all non-NULL ones under (you're shifting the table down one row)
    • same goes in the other case, if the row just over has a higher sort_order, decrement all those from the original row place to the final one (shifting up one row now)
  • of course, set the dropped row to the right sort_order

This seems pretty complicated, and I believe in this kind of case you should define the table rows' sort_order as NON NULL AUTO_INCREMENT to get rid of that ugly NULL value.

Another way could be to create a custom SQL function INSERT_ROW(index) that does all the incrementing and decrementing. Doing this in Ajax just seems brutal.

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