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I found this bit of code from here: flexjson change prop name

It works for String data types but seemingly no others. Any ideas?

public class FieldNameTransformer extends AbstractTransformer {

    private String transformedFieldName;

    public FieldNameTransformer(String transformedFieldName) {
        this.transformedFieldName = transformedFieldName;

    public void transform(Object object) {
    boolean setContext = false;

    TypeContext typeContext = getContext().peekTypeContext();

    //Write comma before starting to write field name if this
    //isn't first property that is being transformed
    if (!typeContext.isFirst())


    getContext().writeQuoted((String) object);

    if (setContext) {

 * TRUE tells the JSONContext that this class will be handling 
 * the writing of our property name by itself. 
public Boolean isInline() {
    return Boolean.TRUE;

public String getTransformedFieldName() {
    return this.transformedFieldName;

This works fine for text fields but gets very unhappy if I try to apply it to a field that is a date. For example:

    String JSON = new JSONSerializer()
        .include("type", "createDate")
        .transform(new DateTransformer("MM/dd/yyyy"), Date.class)
        .transform(new FieldNameTransformer("new_json_property_name"),"createDate")

Fails with JSONException occured : Error trying to deepSerialize

It works fine when I comment out the transform new Field... line and it works fine when I try to change the type field, which is a String.

It also fails when trying to modify and Int and I would expect everything else that's not a String.

If someone is familiar with the FlexJSON API and can point me in the right direction here I'd very much appreciate it.

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You just have to change this part of the code:

getContext().writeQuoted((String) object);

For most types it should work if you change it to:


If that does not work for Date values - just rewrite integrating a SimpleDateFormat like this:

SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy");

That should do the trick.

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This doesn't work –  user3115056 Dec 31 '13 at 13:39

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